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Snake Found In The Toilet

We aren't talking about a can o' peanuts, either. A Bronx man walked into the bathroom of his apartment and found a snake resting on his toilet seat. (We're not entirely sure why the reptiles like the Bronx so much.)

When cops arrived, he helpfully told them, "There's a giant snake on my toilet." It turned out to be a 3-foot-long corn snake (left). Yes, a corn snake. [Insert poop joke here.]

Fortunately for the man, the snake is not poisonous and generally hunts rodents. Unfortunately for the man, the snake was sitting on the toilet when he found it, so he may have ruined his pants.

The man assumes the snake made its way into his bathroom via his plumbing and, especially since corn snakes subdue their prey by using constriction, is probably thanking his lucky stars he gets to pee standing up. Oh, to be one of the lucky ones.

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